Friday, April 26, 2019

Run! Jump! Play! [Nintendo Gameboy] chiptune [Super Mario World]

Run!  Jump!  Play!

Nintendo Gameboy chiptune in Super Mario World!  Dance along with Gameboy Roy to the catchy music.  Jump around, shake your booty, get off the couch and get some exercise!  Whine and beg your parents give us money!  Surprise guest at the end!

Run!  Jump!  Play! - censored YouTube link
Run!  Jump!  Play! - uncensored Pornhub link

The Shining video game - Playstation 2 - Jack Nicholson - Stanley Kubrick

The Shining - PlayStation 2 - gameplay/walkthrough unfinished demo

Khurt Khave sent Starwood a PS2 emulator with a demo version of an unfinished, unreleased video game version of The Shining film, starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Can Starwood make it to Room 237?

The Shining video game - censored YouTube link
The Shining video game - uncensored Porntube link

Vaporwave Reaganomics 1980's

Vaporwave Reaganomics 1980's

Learn about the failures of Ronald Reagan's voodoo economics which helped kick the Fucking Over Of America into high gear while listening to relaxing, retrowave/chillwave/vaporwave music, which is what kids these days think music in the 80's sounded like.

Vaporwave Reaganomics 1980's - YouTube link

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Space Monster Eating Pussy

A title like that speaks for itself.

Space Monster Eating Pussy - uncensored Pornhub link

It's Cartoon Time!

It's Cartoon Time!

Our favorite puppet pal Starwood introduces a very special cartoon.  You're not afraid of spiders or ponies are you?  Come dance and play with Laughtermath the Flying Spider Pony Unicorn!
It's not My Little Pony マイリトルポニー It's something far, far worse. 

It's Cartoon Time! - censored YouTube link
It's Cartoon Time! - uncensored Pornhub link


MacSabbath ain't got nothin' on these clowns!  McRib, baby! McMetal